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UK Bishops rap The Tablet for publishing Mass draft

Bishop Mark Jabalé has expressed the English and Welsh bishops' disappointment at the decision of the independent Catholic paper The Tablet to "cloud" their consultative process by publishing the draft translation of changes to the Order of Mass.

Bishop Jabalé, Chairman of the Department for Christian Life and Worship, said: "The confidentiality of the consultative process with such texts is intended to help Bishops consider the matters away from a spirit of controversy fuelled by speculation in the Catholic and secular press; any attempt to cloud this process is therefore to be deplored."

The Tablet's editor Catherine Pepinster responded by insisting that it waited until the completion of the consultation process before finally publishing the draft on Saturday. She also pointed out that the draft was also in the public domain after Australia's ABC published it some time ago on the website of Radio National's Religion Report program.

Meanwhile The Religion Report will today air further discussion on the draft, with participants including Catholic Institute of Sydney liturgy lecturer Dr David Orr OSB, Epping (Sydney) parish priest Fr Colin Blayney, and St John of God Brothers chaplain John Frauenfelder. The program goes to air on Radio National 8:30 am and 8:00 pm, with the audio available on the web during the day.

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26 May 2004