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Catholic school teachers to strike

NSW Catholic school teachers will hold a 24-hour strike on Friday, according to information from the Independent Education Union (IEU) said.

They join their state school counterparts, who will strike tomorrow and next Wednesday over the Carr government's intervention in their case for a pay increase.

NSW IEU state secretary, Dick Shearman, said the strike is to protest the government's threat to the independence of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), which is deciding whether to award public school teachers a pay rise.

They are seeking a 25% raise over two years, while the Carr government has offered 6%. The NSW IRC last year awarded teachers an interim 5.5% pay rise, with a final decision due by June 30.

"The stop-work action will also protest the NSW government's suggestion that a pay rise for teachers could mean a cut in funding to the education system.

"Teachers in Catholic schools are passionate about their work but, like their public-sector colleagues, believe it is significantly undervalued."

Catholic schools in NSW receive about 25% of their funding from the state government, Mr Shearman said.

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26 May 2004