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Archbishop Bathersby announces weeping statue investigation

Brisbane's Archbishop John Bathersby has announced an investigation into the recent reports of unusual occurrences at the Vietnamese Community Hall in suburban Inala.

During the past week, hundreds of people flocked to the hall after news spread that several statues, crucifixes, tablecloths and a set of prayer beads were oozing rose-scented oil.

The Archbishop has appointed Judicial Vicar Dr Adrian Farrelly as the head of his investigation team.

"I will now convene a panel of experts, under the direction of the Judicial Vicar, to investigate the happenings at Inala and if possible to establish their origin," Archbishop Bathersby said.

The Archbishop said signs and wonders had accompanied the ministry of Christ and his proclamation of the Kingdom, just as they had accompanied the Mission of the Church down through history.

"As a sign of God's power and approval they can reinforce the faith of people," Archbishop Bathersby said.

"Nevertheless they always exist in the shadow of God's great sign and wonder, the Resurrection, that affirms the ministry and message of Christ.

Although no time limit has been placed on the investigation, a similar inquiry in Western Australia last year took around two months to report its findings to Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth.

Archbishop Bathersby expressed his confidence in Dr Farrelly, who is an expert in Canon Law and has served as a priest in the Archdiocese for 31 years.

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26 May 2004