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Crowds flock to see 'weeping' religious icons

Hundreds flocked to a Catholic church in the Brisbane suburb of Inala on the weekend to catch a glimpse of statues which have apparently been weeping blood and rose-scented oil.

Yesterday a squad of volunteers was enlisted - each with hand-written "security" tags pinned to their lapels - to direct crowds and explain the strange happenings at the little-known Vietnamese community church.

"It looks genuine enough, but then I suppose I don't know what a fake one looks like," Toowoomba visitor Mark Power said. "I'd like to believe, but (I'll) wait and see what the church says."

The mystery began over a week ago when rose-scented oil began leaking from a statue of Mary and a crucifix which were kept in the priests's chambers of St Mark's.

But things really escalated last Friday night when blood reportedly flowed from statues and a crucifix above the alter during mass.

On Saturday night, worshippers said blood flowed from a crucifix in the hand of a statue at the front of the church.

Fr Joseph Liem said he expected that the church would investigate the claims.

"I don't know what the meaning is for these phenomena," he said yesterday.

Crowds flock to see 'weeping' religious icons (The Courier Mail 24/5/04)

24 May 2004