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Convicted pedophile priest marries ex-nun in prison

Former priest James Porter, a convicted pedophile now awaiting trial on Minnesota state's bid to keep him locked up indefinitely as a sexually dangerous person, got married in prison this week.

Porter married Anne Milner, a former nun he met more than 40 years ago while he was a young seminarian. The two met again three years ago after Milner wrote him a letter in prison.

Porter, 69, was convicted in 1993 of sexually abusing 28 children. Although he completed his prison sentence in January, Porter has remained in custody while state prosecutors seek to have him committed.

Last month, following a two-week hearing, a judge in Taunton Superior Court ruled that there is enough evidence to hold a trial on the state's request.

Milner attended every day of Porter's hearing, sporting a sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Porter and Milner were married Monday in a civil ceremony before a justice of the peace at the Massachusetts Treatment Centre for sex offenders in Bridgewater, where he is being held.

"It was the most beautiful day of my life," she told a local newspaper. "It was the culmination of our hopes and dreams. It's a privilege, a blessing."

Although she said she hopes their marriage will help his case when he goes to trial, she insisted that's not why they got married.

She said Porter's crimes are in the past.

"From the first days of his incarceration, James Porter has had an insatiable desire to turn his life around," she said.

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21 May 2004