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Catholic leaders say Sonia Gandhi made "a very Christian decision"

Church leaders are praising Indian would be Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi's surprise decision to decline the position as a "very Christian" display of her "spirit of service".

Mrs Gandhi, a Catholic, caused disappointment when she announced that her "inner voice" had dissuaded her from standing for Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy.

AsiaNews reports taht Abbot Rocky D'Souza O. Praem, of Saint Norbert's Abbey, in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh said the trappings of power do not attract her.

"Instead, her spirit of service was displayed with clarity through her renunciation," he said.

Abbott D'Souza heralded her timing to wait until the eleventh hour to announce it, to avoid disheartening the party workers beforehand. Now, D'Souza thinks, as President of the Congress Party, Gandhi will yield much more power, being respected even by her most vehement political opponents.

Editor of the Mumbai Archdiocesan Newsweekly The Examiner, Fr Anthony Charangat, stopped his press to recall his editorial about to be published on Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister.

The 'Sacrifice of the Lady' will be the new theme of his updated article, lauding Sonia's disinterest in power and prestige, which caused her as the Italian-born leader of the victorious Congress Party to refuse the Prime Minister position.

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20 May 2004