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Big jump in numbers at Easter services

High turnouts for services throughout Easter at Australian churches have been attributed to the increased public profile of the events surrounding Christ's death and resurrection created by Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ.

In Adelaide, The Advertiser reported that attendences at the city's churches this Easter were up 20% compared with previous years.

"A lot more people are beginning to think about the world and their place in it," said Fr Peter Collins of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers' St Francis Church in the Melbourne CBD.

"They are trying to make some form of connection. It's not out of nostalgia but out of hope for themselves and the human family."

In his Easter Message, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney said the film has focused public attention on the Christian understanding of the whole Easter season "more effectively than any other event for years".

In Canberra, more than 1000 worshippers packed St Christopher's Cathedral. Archbishop Francis Carroll directly credited the Mel Gibson film for the increased interest in religion this Easter, saying it helped remind people of the story of the Resurrection.

In his Easter sermon at St Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Archbishop Phillip Wilson spoke about the sense of "unity and beginning" at Easter.

"It's an opportunity for us to express our hope, to rededicate ourselves to the tasks that are ours in engaging with the world and trying to make the world a better place," he said.

In Brisbane, people stood in the aisles and in doorways of St Stephen's Cathedral to hear Catholic Archbishop John Bathersby, the biggest Easter Sunday crowd he had seen since taking up the post in 1992.

He believed Mel Gibson's film The Passion of The Christ combined with insecurity in the world, had caused more people to turn to religion.

Whatever the future held, he hoped it would become a more permanent state.

"You never quite know - in America after the September 11 terrorism, then the churches filled up very rapidly and then they disappeared again," he said.

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13 Apr 2004