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St Vincent's Melbourne opens new research institute

St Vincent's Institute officially unveiled its new world-class medical research building on Friday, after a $10.5 million addition to existing facilities.

St Vincent's Institute, formerly known as St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, is renowned for its medical research facilities, specialising in protein research. It can lay claim to being the birthplace of science of proteomics because its founding Director, Pehr Edman developed the world's first protein sequenator at the Institute.

The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that is affiliated with the Sisters of Charity, St Vincent's Health and the University of Melbourne.

Following a blessing by the Archbishop Denis Hart, the building was officially opened by Victorian Treasurer and Minister for Innovation John Brumby, and Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott's representative Senator Julian McGauran.

A media release from the Institute on Friday said completion of the facility will help speed up the revolutionary search into AMPK, an enzyme which could lead to the development of a new 'fat pill,' which could reduce the risk of adult-onset diabetes.

The new building works have meant that St Vincent's Institute now has state of the art medical research facilities for its world-class research.

The $10.5 million facelift has attracted significant funding from the federal and state governments and the Sisters of Charity Health Service as well as donations from the private sector, and is an exciting and important part of Melbourne's future in the area of medical research.

St Vincent Institute's million-dollar research into 'fat pill' (St Vincents Institute 2/4/04)

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5 Apr 2004