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Church praise for South Australia's "breakthrough" strategic plan

Adelaide Archdiocesan vicar general Monsignor David Cappo has described as a "breakthrough", the South Australian Government's newly-released State Strategic Plan that addresses economic, environmental and social goals.

Monsignor Cappo, who chairs the State's Social Inclusion Board, said the plan has the full support and commitment of the Social Inclusion Board and said it would do all in its power to achieve the targets set by the State Government.

"It recognises that you cannot successfully address one area without also addressing the others," he said. "The problems in these three areas are interconnected, so the solutions must also be interconnected."

"In this plan, South Australia's social needs have been given the same level of importance as economic and environmental issues. I am delighted that this leap forward has been made. We have a very credible and viable plan with important targets that must be aggressively addressed."

Monsignor Cappo affirmed and supported Premier Mike Rann for his strong leadership in bringing this strategic plan into reality.

"If we are serious about trying to build a more inclusive, caring South Australia with increased opportunity for individuals and families to live dignified and fulfilled lives, then we must do all in our power to achieve this plan's targets."

State strategic plan a "breakthrough plan" (Catholic Communications Adelaide 2/4/04)

South Australia Strategic Plan
Social Inclusion Initiative
Archdiocese of Adelaide

5 Apr 2004