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Eucharist focus for Pope's Mission Day message

The Vatican yesterday released the text of Pope John Paul II's message for World Mission Day later this year, which will stress the role of the Eucharist in animating and sustaining missionary activity.

"The Eucharist is the comfort and the pledge of final triumph for those who fight evil and sin," the message says. "It is the "bread of life" which sustains those who, in turn, become "bread broken" for others, paying at times even with martyrdom their fidelity to the Gospel."

The Message was presented by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples. World Mission Day will take place on 17 October.

The Pope also urged the faithful to give material and spiritual support for the Pontifical Missionary Works.

Cardinal Sepe said these include 280 inter-diocesan major seminaries in which 65,000 seminarians are formed; 110 minor seminaries in which 85,000 seminarians are formed; 42,000 schools; 1600 hospitals; 6000 medical clinics; 780 leprosariums and 12,000 social and charitable centres.

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30 Apr 2004