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Queensland Diocese backs farmers suffering under deregulation

The Toowoomba Diocese Social Justice Commission is calling on all consumers of milk to stand in solidarity with dairy farmers suffering the impact of de-regulation.

"Often we can feel disempowered in the modern world of multinationals and large supermarket chains but as consumers we have the power of choice," said executive officer Mark Copland.

"If consumers of milk in the city decided to avoid supermarket branded milk and instead buy milk that gave a fairer price to dairy producers it would send a message to supermarket chains."

Yesterday's call follwed protests by dairy producers in Brisbane last week.

Mr Copland said Catholic Social Teaching holds that the economy is made for people and not people for the economy.

"Under the current regime, hard working dairy producers simply cannot make a living if supermarket brands of milk continue to grow in popularity."

Regional Catholic Justice Body Calls for Solidarity in the City (Social Justice Commission, Diocese of Townsville 28/4/04)

29 Apr 2004