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Catholic body commends Vic Govt low-income family support

Catholic Social Services Victoria, peak body for the sixty-five Catholic community-based welfare organisations working throughout the State, yesterday commended the Bracks Government on its pre-budget announcement expanding and reforming concessions for low-income Victorians.

Director of Policy and Advocacy Fr Joe Caddy said: "The announcements are very welcome, they will directly effect the weekly budgets of low income families and individuals."

He said improved concessions for public transport and education maintenance and ongoing concessions for rates, water and electricity will wipe a significant amount off the bottom line of the household bills.

"Through concessions these essential items are made more affordable for those who are most struggling," he commented.

Fr Caddy singled out for special praise the Government's decision to index the payments, so that their spending power is maintained and will not be eaten up by inflation over time.

"Over the past decade with increased costs of housing, the privatisation of gas, electricity and public transport and the higher costs associated with educating children, low income Victorians have become even further disadvantaged."

He said that Catholic Social Services Victoria will be watching next week's State Budget closely in the hope that "the social justice principles underlying [yesterday's] announcements will be carried through to the whole budget".

Restoring a Fair Go (Catholic Social Services Victoria 28/4/04)

29 Apr 2004