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Survey finds Irish Caritas most fun place to work

A survey of European employers has found that the most fun place to work in Ireland is Trocaire, the Caritas overseas aid agency affiliate in Ireland.

The agency was listed in the top 10 of Great Places to Work, an annual survey that aims to measure how employees perceive their employer in terms of credibility, respect, trust, pride and camaraderie.

Trocaire staff members were found to have the greatest sense of pride about their work.

"Not only is Trocaire a company that instils national pride from people outside the company, it is also made up of a very proud work force," said Frank Devlin, director of research for Discovery.

He said Trocaire treats employees with respect and "employees have ample opportunity to offer suggestions, from minor issues to major issues that might result in organizational change. The employees are externally proud of the work they do and internally proud of how the company is operated."

This is the second year Trócaire has appeared on the list of the Best Companies to Work for in Ireland. Since last year, the organisation has relocated to new offices in Maynooth and while some staff chose not to make the move, the agency had no problem filling vacancies.

Ryan attributes this to a number of factors. "The dignity of individuals who come to work here is valued," says Eileen Ryan, Head of Finance and Human Resources at Trócaire. "People are respected and have great pride in what they do and that creates a unity of purpose.

Survey finds Irish Catholic aid agency most fun place to work (Catholic News Service 31/3/04)

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2 Apr 2004