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New Mass translation draft leaked to ABC

ABC Radio's Religion Report program yesterday broadcast a commentary on a new draft English translation of the Mass currently circulating for comment among bishops in Australia and other English-speaking countries.

The program, broadcast on the ABC's Radio National, also published a facsimile of the draft on its website.

Presenter Stephen Crittenden (pictured in banner) revealed changes such as the proposed response to the priest's 'The Lord be with you', which is 'And with your spirit', rather than the current 'And also with you'.

Among other proposals, the creed changes from being a communal profession of faith ('We believe in one God') to a personal profession of faith ('I believe in one God').

He expressed surprise that the expected return of older gender-specific language appears not to have happened.

The program sought comment from Dr John Page, who was Executive Secretary of the International Committee for English (ICEL) in the Liturgy for 22 years before resigning in 2002. The role of ICEL has arguably been usurped by the Vatican's Vox Clara Committee, which is chaired by Sydney's Cardinal George Pell.

Dr Page said that the process of making and refining English translations has become more "secretive", in contrast with ICEL's attempts over the years to "bring the wider church into the conversation".

He said: "Now it seems that perhaps the bishops are the only participants in the conversation, and I think that may be regrettable because there are a lot of people that have expertise and scholarship that I think can help the bishops to make a judgment."

The Newest Catholic Mass? (ABC Radio Religion Report 28/4/04)

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29 Apr 2004