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Abbott calls Catholics to action over abortion

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has called on Catholics to campaign for a change in abortion laws by stating 'repeatedly and indefatigably' the Church's traditional position on the killing of children in the womb.

He told the Catholic Weekkly that it is important for Catholics to make their views on abortion known in the hope of building up a constituency that would support changes in the abortion laws.

"I certainly think it is important for Catholics," he said. "I don't think they need to do it aggressively or judgmentally, but I certainly think it is important to let the world know that the Church hasn't gone soft on this, or forgotten about it, or moved on from it.

"This is a very important issue of faith and morals.

"I would hope there might be a constituency in the not too distant future for a different legal and institutional attitude towards abortion."

Mr Abbott drew a distinction between his personal views and those he expresses as a Minister.

"Tony Abbott the person has a whole series of views which Tony Abbott the Minister can't always have, because there is a sense in which as a Minister you are obliged by your office to carry out certain functions," he said.

Mr Abbott, a passionate Catholic, oversees a department that funds 75,000 abortions a year.

"I wish that my department didn't do this," he says.

Abbott calls Catholics to action over abortion (Catholic Weekly 2/5/04)

29 Apr 2004