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Ratzinger preparing concise version of Catechism

The Vatican has said that plans are well underway for the publication early next year of a compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Catholic World News reports that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has wrapped up consultations with the world's episcopal conferences. A special commission is now preparing the final version of the compendium.

In February 2003, Pope John Paul II instructed Cardinal Ratzinger to prepare a short work that would "contain, in a concise form, the essential and fundamental contents of the faith of the Church."

The original draft of this new work, which has now been circulated among the world's bishops for comment, is about 70 pages long, or approximately one-seventh the size of the Catechism. It presents the teachings of the Church are presented in question-and-answer format, as in a traditional catechism. This format was selected, the Vatican indicated, because it allows for an easier approach to the reader.

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28 Apr 2004