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Philippine Bishops issue elections pastoral statement

The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines have issued a statement highlighting the value of elections as a "crucial moment in [the] continuing task of nation-building".

The country's elections take place on 10 May.

The Bishops' statement, titled "Nation-Building Through Elections: a Guideline for the Faithful", followed their two-day Plenary Assembly last week.

It aims to remind voters of their responsibility to choose candidates who are competent, qualified, and of good conscience. Above all they must be men or women "with personal integrity, transparency, accountability and respect for human rights".

"It is a time when we can institutionalize further 'people power' through the informed and responsible choice of local and national leaders by millions of Filipinos here and abroad," the Bishops said.

The Pastoral also mentioned commitment to a program of action that tackles issues such as family and life, the environment, illegal drugs and gambling, peace and order, and poverty alleviation.

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23 Apr 2004