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Catholic Health backs bureaucracy cut

Catholic Health Australia CEO Francis Sullivan supported moves by State Health ministers to consider setting up a single national agency to take control of the health system.

The rationalisation will help to avoid costs of up to $2 billion a year in duplicated administration.

Mr Sullivan said health ministers can no longer "justify their inertia" when the "dysfunction and cost-shifting" is causing gaps in services.

He said disadvantaged people are increasingly at risk of inadequate care.

"We need a value-driven reform agenda, patient-focused and determined by their needs," Mr Sullivan said. "We are not talking about turning the world upside down."

He added that the concept of a single source of funding is not novel, given that aged care and universities received all their public funding from one source, the Federal Government.

Call for single health body to end waste (Sydney Morning Herald 23/4/04)

Catholic Health Australia

23 Apr 2004