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Caritas responds to Bangladesh deaths

Local Caritas directors have responded to the death and destruction caused last week by a series of tornadoes that struck parts of northern Bangladesh.

At least 74 people were reported killed and more than 1500 injured.

Caritas Australia reports that the local Caritas directors have visiting the areas to assess the extent of the damage and have implemented immediate relief programs.

The tornadoes carried away a large number of people. Many were killed and injured by airborne objects. The death toll is growing with around 750 critically injured and many missing.

Most villagers have lost everything and are living under the open sky without food and drinking water.

Caritas has responded with relief distribution programs including provision of immediate medical support to the injured at two local hospitals and distribution of food to 1000 families.

A second phase of the relief program will include the distribution of various household goods.

Caritas responds to Bangladesh deaths (Caritas Australia 22/4/04)

Caritas Australia

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23 Apr 2004