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Mother Angelica now on cable TV in Canberra

Canberra cable TV provider TransACT has begun providing a feed of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) from Alabama in the USA.

The addition to its channel lineup was the result of a petition from over 1200 Catholic households.

EWTN, which is seeking to extend its international reach, provided necessary satellite receiving equipment to TransACT free of charge.

EWTN is an independent Catholic channel highly respected among conservative Catholics. It was founded in 1981 by Poor Clare nun Mother Angelica, who became the face of the station until she suffered a stroke two years ago. It provides live coverage of many ceremonies from the Vatican to viewers around the world on satellite, cable and on the web.

It is currently in a premium channel package, but the Catholic petitioners' spokesperson Marie-Therese Borockzy said she is hoping it will soon be included in the channels offered to subscribers at no extra charge.

"We hope that by when the initial goal set by TransACT of about 800 subscribers is met, that EWTN will be included in the base bundle of programs at no extra charge to customers."

EWTN has been broadcast by Victorian cable company Neighborhood Cable for several years to Mildura, Ballarat and Geelong. It is also available to Australian households prepared to spend $1000 for equipment to receive the channel by satellite.

EWTN now available on Cable TV in Canberra (Marie-Therese Borockzy 22/4/04)

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22 Apr 2004