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Bishop says we've been misled on embryo research

The community has been misled into believing that 'excess' human embryos will be used to find cures for Parkinson's disease, and other medical conditions, according to Sydney Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher.

"This is not what these human embryos will be used for," he told the Catholic Weekly. "Four of the first five licences have gone to IVF clinics to improve their techniques.

"It is not, as claimed, permitting the destruction of human embryos with a 'heavy heart' in the interest of finding cures for people.

"All five of the licences are connected to IVF teams, not to university medical research centres."

Bishop Fisher says the issuing of the licences (by the licensing committee of the National Health and Research Council) just followed on from "a bad decision made years ago to allow IVF clinics to make more human embryos than they need".

Meanwhile Senator Brian Harradine described the permits as "licences to kill".

"A certain class of human life will now be considered expendable for profit," he said.

We've been misled on embryo research, says Bishop Fisher (Catholic Weekly 25/4/04)
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22 Apr 2004