March 8 2004

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Brisbane Catholic Activist Supports Passion Banner

Tony Robertson, a Brisbane based Catholic justice activist has endorsed the sentiments of a public banner outside St Mary’s Catholic Church in South Brisbane.

The banner reads "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST IS TO ACT WITH JUSTICE". St Mary’s Church is on the corner of Peel and Merivale Streets in South Brisbane, a major intersection carrying traffic into the city and southern suburbs of Brisbane.

Mr Robertson who works with St Mary’s Social Justice program, Micah Projects said: "The Passion of the Christ happens on our doorstep every day. Our staff see the violence and abuse inflicted those who live on the fringe of our city. If this movie is faithful to the Gospel then it should provoke a response for justice and a commitment to non-violence."

Mr Robertson said:

"I see the scars of the Passion of the Christ on the lives and the bodies of adults who experienced abuse as children in institutional care in church and state centres"

"I see the suffering of the Passion of the Christ in the lost lives of young kids living on our streets"

"I see the pain of the Passion of the Christ in the loneliness of the elderly, people with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, women and children who are homeless in our city.

"I see the violence of the Passion of the Christ in the statistics of youth suicide particularly those who have experienced the taunts and violence of homophobia which continues in our church and community."

Mr Robertson said that rather than attend the movie he would contribute the price of his ticket to the work of Micah projects.

"I call on all people of good will who watch The Passion of the Christ to also contribute the price of their ticket to action for justice such as Project Compassion, Amnesty International and similar groups." he said.


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Tony Robertson
Community Jester, Ritual Maker. Social Activist
PO Box 3525, South Brisbane Qld 4101
Phones: Home: 07-3846 4420 Mobile: 0417 792 509