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Spanish bishops counsel against excessive anger

While declaring that terrorism can never be morally justified, the Spanish bishops have counselled against excessive anger, warning that hatred could "divide the nation, to the advantage of the terrorists."

Thursday's train bombings left around 200 dead and more than 1400 injured.

Anger initially directed towards the militant Basque separatist ETA movement was switched towards the government of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar after it became clear ETA was unlikely to be involved and the Government could have accused ETA for political purposes. Following yesterday's election, it appears the Spanish people have voted the opposition Socialist party into office.

Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid, who was in Rome for meetings at the time of the attacks, rushed back to Spain to be with his people.

Asking every parish in Madrid to offer Masses for the terror victims, he said: "No one can remain silent in the face of such a criminal act."

A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Madrid said priests were called to hospitals to help victims and their families. Priests were instructed to make helping the victims their priority, she said.

At an evening Mass in Madrid's Our Lady of Almudena Cathedral, church leaders read a telegram from Pope John Paul II and an earlier statement from the Spanish bishops' conference.

Pope John Paul said the terrorist attacks "offend God, violate the fundamental right to life and suffocate the peaceful coexistence for which the church community and the noble Spanish nation deeply yearn."

"The Holy Father wants to reiterate his firm and absolute condemnation of such unjustifiable acts," Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state, said in the telegram to Cardinal Rouco.

The Spanish bishops also blamed the ETA for the attacks, saying the group "judged political ends superior to peoples' lives and the state of law."

"The terrorist organization ETA has perpetrated an attack in Madrid today more bloody and brutal than any in its already long history of terror," the bishops' conference executive committee said in a statement issued hours after the explosions.

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15 Mar 2004