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Social Action Office gearing up for Federal Election

The Social Action Office (SAO) of the leaders of Queensland's religious congregations is planning an extensive lobby on social justice issues during the federal election campaign later this year.

SAO director Sr Annette Arnold RSJ told the Catholic Leader that the aim of the SAO 2004 Federal Election Campaign is 'to name and reframe the basic values of our society and our world that are currently at risk and up for grabs in the political arena.

The Campaign, titled 'For the Common Good', aims to focus on values that impact most on achieving a solid practice of consideration for the common good of all.

Sr Arnold said SAO's education and lobbying campaign would be based on Catholic social teaching and be informed by the values and policy areas of the three SAO priority areas of 'Living Sustainably', social justice (particularly in relation to poverty, homelessness and housing), and 'Building a Culture of Peace'.

Social action campaign plan (Catholic Leader 14/3/04)

Social Action Office - Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Queensland

12 Mar 2004