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CEO head appeals to minor parties to back male teachers

Sydney Catholic Education Office head Br Kelvin Canavan is urging minor parties to support amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act that would open the way for male-only scholarships to address the problem of gender imbalance among teachers in Catholic schools.

Support of parties holding the balance of power in Federal Parliament is crucial to the passing of the legislation as the ALP has vowed to oppose it. At this stage such support is believed to be unlikely, but publicity surrounding the move has done much to raise public awareness of the problem.

Prime Minister John Howard has strongly supported the amendment, but the opposition believes it is a stopgap measure that undermines hard-won anti-discrimination legislation.

The Government's decision to amend the Act came as a surprise to the Catholic Education Office, whose application for an exemption so it could advertise men-only scholarships prompted the move. Executive director of schools, Br Kelvin Canavan, said he wanted to make 12 of the 60 scholarships the organisation offered each year men only.

"In Catholic primary schools in NSW just 14% of the teachers are men," he said. "Even younger children have said to me, 'why can't you find us more boy teachers'."

North Sydney's St Mary's Catholic primary school has not had a male teacher for about 10 years.

ABC Radio's The World Today reported yesterday that Br Canavan wasa calling for the minor parties to support the amendments, while admitting that offering more scholarships would provide only a very small fix for a big problem.

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11 Mar 2004