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Lectures assessing post September 11 human rights compromise

Jesuit lawyer and human rights advocate Fr Frank Brennan is the main speaker in the Fair Go in an Age of Terror a national lecture tour that commences in Adelaide tonight.

The tour of mainland state capitals and Canberra is sponsored by the Sydney-based Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre. The main proposition will be that human rights and national security are compatible.

Director Sr Patty Fawkner said Australia's human rights commitment has been compromised in a post-September 11 world.

"We play a dangerous and unnecessary game of either/or when, for example, we privilege national self-interest over the right of people to seek asylum from persecution," she said. "And we also need to think carefully about measures which might prejudice the integrity of our own rights as citizens."

Fr Brennan will be joined in each state by a well informed local panel, with audience participation encouraged. The lecture will take place in Melbourne on Thursday, and in Sydney next Tuesday.

Sponsor Eureka Street magazine will publish an adapted version of his lecture in a future issue.

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9 Mar 2004