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Martino says market a friend but not an idol

Cardinal Renato Martino has said that business has a key role in the common good and should not be seen as "the enemy".

But he told the international Conference of Christian Business Executives, which concluded in Rome at the weekend, to avoid "idolatry of the market", which he described as "anti-religious, inhuman and socially untenable".

Cardinal Martino is president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Meanwhile actor-director Mel Gibson, whose motivation for making the movie The Passion of the Christ was religious rather than commercial, stands to make more than $A855 million.

Ironically The Passion is the catalyst for Gibson's likely reinstatement in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list after falling off the list last year.

And another religiously-motivated corporate high-flyer is "LaserMonk" Fr Bernard McCoy, who has been named as one of Fast Company magazine's Fast 50 Champions of Innovation.

Fr McCoy came up with the idea of selling discounted printing and imaging supplies online as a means of support for the Wisconsin-based Cistercian Abbey.

The award recognises unsung heroes and trailblazers fueled by passion, guided by integrity and committed to results.

National office supply chains are a popular source for printer cartridges and copier toner, but Fr Bernard realised that customers pay a significant markup, as high as 1000% to 2000% when they buy retail.

Church Resources in Australia is guided by the same marketplace realities.

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9 Mar 2004