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Cardinal Dulles calls for 'rebirth of apologetics'

Cardinal Avery Dulles issued a call on Tuesday for "a rebirth of apologetics", the defence of Christian faith by reason, because "the time is ripe, the need is urgent."

But he called for an apologetics centreed on "the living testimony of believers" rather than the traditional arguments from philosophy and historical science, one focused not on the traditional question of "how we get to God" but "how God comes to us."

"The apologetics of personal testimony is particularly suited to the genius of Catholicism," he said. "Such testimony invites us not only to individual conversion but to communion with the whole body of believers."

Cardinal Dulles, delivering the annual spring lecture of his McGinley professorship at Fordham University, said Pope John Paul II has given "timely leadership" in offering the approach of personalism, basing belief in the existence of God not on the traditional arguments but on "the aspirations of the human heart for communion with the divine."

Cardinal Dulles calls for 'rebirth of apologetics' (Catholic News Service 3/3/04)

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5 Mar 2004