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Ten hurt in Sydney Catholic school blast

Nine Year 7 students and their pregnant teacher ended up in hospital yesterday after a science experiment went wrong in south-western Sydney.

Students from Mt St Joseph's school at Milperra were learning how to extract oil from a rose petal when a beaker being used in the experiment exploded.

Nine of the 22 students in the science lab, and their 32 weeks' pregnant teacher, were taken to Bankstown Hospital with cuts and released after treatment.

The teacher was believed to be extracting the oil of a rose petal by heating it in a glass beaker filled with water.

The steam travelled through a tube and dripped into another beaker as a watery compound. Something went wrong and the glass exploded.

Ten hurt in school blast ( Telegraph 5/3/04)

Mount St Joseph Milperra
Sisters of St Joseph: Mount St Joseph Milperra
Mount St Joseph Milperra (CEO Sydney)

5 Mar 2004