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Pell explains no reply to lesbian cousin

Cardinal George Pell has told The Bulletin magazine that he failed to reply to letters seeking acceptance from his lesbian second cousin Monica Hingston because he felt cornered and wanted to avoid an argument.

"I thought I had nowhere to go," he said. "I thought the letter was crafted so I had nowhere to go."

Ms Hingston, a 63 year old former nun, failed to receive a reply from the cardinal after she wrote to him expressing feelings of hurt over the fact the Vatican considers her a "seriously depraved person" because she has lived with a lesbian partner for 19 years. After receiving no response to the letter sent a second time, she handed the text to the Sydney Morning Herald. Publication led to widespread public discussion, and celebrity status within the gay community.

Cardinal Pell told interviewer Jennifer Byrne that the reason for his lack of response - apart from inertia - was that: "I couldn't think of anything I might say that could placate her or make the situation better. Sometimes, rather than have an argument, it's better to say nothing, and I didn't want an argument."

Ms Hingston's celebrity status was confirmed with yesterday's announcement that she and partner Peg Moran will lead this Saturday's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade down Sydney's Oxford Street.

She said she decided after "some hesitation" to join the festival, which she considered a "political statement".

"We want the church and the state authorities to listen to us ... to hear what we're saying about our second-class citizenship," Ms Hingston said in a statement.

The publicity surrounding Ms Hingston is considered to provide fresh political impetus to the newly resurrected Mardi Gras, which began as a gay rights demonstration in 1978.

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4 Mar 2004