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NZ bishop disputes liability for sex abuse

Bishop Patrick Dunn of Auckland has reached a $A133,229 settlement with three brothers sexually abused by a priest, but told the brothers that the Church was not legally responsible.

The three brothers, Mike, Gerry and Chris Ledingham, reached the settlement over abuse they suffered in an Auckland parish 40 years ago. Bishop Dunn (pictured) said he was willing to make an ex gratia payment to express sorrow although he had reservations about how responsible the church was for the actions of Father Frank Green decades ago.

The Church is standing by Bishop Dunn's comments, although spokeswoman Lyndsay Freer is stressing its continuing moral and spiritual obligation to its members.

Expressing confidence that the Church has handled the case properly, she said money is not necessarily the only part of the healing process, and that any cases of abuse are to the church's "great shame".

Meanwhile the US Catholic Church's National Review Board has released a major report on sex abuse. The 145-page report, released at a press conference in Washington on Friday, attributed the country's clergy sex abuse crisis to "grievously sinful" acts of priests and inaction by bishops that let "the smoke of Satan" enter the church.

"As a result the church itself has been deeply wounded. Its ability to speak clearly and credibly on moral issues has been seriously impaired," said the all-lay board, which the bishops established in 2002 to monitor their efforts to bring an end to sexual abuse of minors by priests.

The often scathing report was an unprecedented lay critique of Catholic hierarchical policies and practices, written at the request of the bishops themselves.

The report insisted that seminaries "must deal with issues of sexual conduct more openly and more forthrightly".

"It is vital that bishops, provincials (religious-order superiors) and seminary rectors ensure that seminaries create a climate and a culture conducive to chastity," it said.

"Although the discipline of celibacy is not itself a cause of the current crisis, a failure properly to explain celibacy and prepare seminarians for a celibate life has contributed to it," it said.

The review board's report, known as the John Jay study, is titled A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States.

It revealed a higher than expected number of incidents and accused priests. Victims' groups expressed skepticism, suggesting that because the data is self-reported, it may actually understate the true dimensions of the problem. The study asked dioceses to report every accusation in their files, regardless of credibility.

The National Catholic Reporter's John Allen comments that the fact that the study concludes that 4392 priests have been accused does not necessarily mean that 4392 priests are guilty of sexual abuse.

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30 Mar 2004