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British push to brief politicians on Church teachings

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales has launched a Public Policy Digest to provide legislators with information on the work of the Catholic Church in public policy areas.

The first issue of the Digest has been published with the slogan "Promoting the common good in public life" and sent to every Catholic member of the House of Commons and House of Lords a total of around 500 politicians and legislators in all.

It provides information on many Bills and government proposals, including the Asylum and Immigration Bill, the Civil Partnerships Bill, the draft Mental Incapacity Bill and the Children Bill, as well as proposals for reforms to the constitution and education system.

Conference general secretary Monsignor Andrew Summersgill said: "We have taken this initiative in response to requests from a number of Catholics who said they did not know what was available from the Bishops' Conference or its agencies to support them and nor did they know to whom to go with queries."

The publication will be produced three times a year during a parliamentary session, and is also available electronically on the Bishops' Conference website.

Church launches digest for Catholic politicians (Independent Catholic News 30/3/04)

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31 Mar 2004