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Vic Education Commission acts to stop school fee rises

Victoria's Catholic Education Commission has asked principals of the state's 476 Catholic schools to temporarily stop raising fees as a way of providing extra relief to poorer families.

The Age reports today that in a letter sent to schools, the Commission has also told principals to come up with other strategies that might ease the burden. These include ideas such as increasing bursaries or allowing more families to pay their fees in weekly or monthly instalments.

Executive director Susan Pascoe said: "What we're really wanting is for each school to think about how, particularly, the needier families can get access.

"For example, a school might try to keep 2005 fees at 2004 levels, or it might try only to have a CPI increase, or it might increase the number of bursaries or fee relief strategies it's got for each family."

The call comes after a joint study by Monash University and the Australian Council for Educational Research found that fewer Victorian families could afford to send their children to Catholic schools, where fees have increased by up to 40 per cent over four years.

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25 Mar 2004