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Catholic male teaching scholarships allowed

The Federal Government says it will still push to amend sex discrimination laws even though the Catholic Education Office agreed on Friday to complement its proposed male-only teaching scholarships with a similar number of female-only scholarships.

The deal between Sydney's Catholic Education Office and the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission broke the deadlock on the issue of male-only teaching scholarships, and took little more than 24 hours.

Under the new agreement, the education office has been granted temporary exemption from the Sex Discrimination Act by including an additional 12 female scholarships to the proposed 12 male-only scholarships in the original application, which the commission rejected a year ago.

Br Kelvin Canavan, executive director of Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese, confirmed that as a result of the agreement the office had withdrawn its appeal for exemption from the act.

But the federal Minister for Education, Brendan Nelson, said the Government would still seek to amend the act.

Opposition Leader Mark Latham described the deal as a sensible way of enabling the education office to meet its objective of increasing its number of male teachers.

Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Pru Goward, said the Church's new scholarship scheme would not on its own attract more men to teaching.

Br Kelvin agreed that an additional 12 male-only scholarships was a "fairly small initiative" given that the Sydney archdiocese has a teaching force of more than 6000.

"But I always saw this as one small step; it is a little push to encourage men to think about a teaching career," he said.

Br Kelvin said the 24 new scholarships would be worth $2000 each and would not affect existing scholarships.

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22 Mar 2004