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Catholic Health says insurance must remain affordable

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has reacted to news that young people are opting out of private health insurance, with a call for more incentives to attract young people to purchase health insurance.

Despite the continuing 30% government rebate, a record number of young Australians dumped their private health cover last year after the Federal Government allowed insurers to increase premiums by more than twice the rate of inflation.

CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said it's important that young people are provided with necessary support and subsidies to encourage them to maintain health insurance.

He said: "It is vital that health funds are able to attract young and well members so that the sick and elderly are appropriately cross subsidised for the costs of their care."

"It is our hope that the health debate moves on from the issue of the 30% rebate to more fundamental concerns over the health status of indigenous Australians, access to mental health services, the proper support of people living with chronic conditions and the better financing of public hospitals.

Catholic Health Australia represents the country's single largest ownership grouping of non government health, aged and community care services.

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Catholic Health Australia

17 Feb 2004