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Catholic Welfare meets to identify 'cycles of disadvantage'

Catholic Welfare Australia has determined that any changes to social policy in Australia must focus on assisting individuals and families to break through the 'cycles of disadvantage' which currently stand in the way of poor Australians living a better quality of life.

The organisation hosted a meeting in Canberra last week that sought collaboration and consultation with key Catholic social welfare bodies regarding policy matters.

Commenting on the group's analysis of the cycles of disadvantage, chairperson Fr Joe Caddy identified the difficulty of accessing suitable employment and overcoming locational disadvantage.

He said last week's release of figures indicating an unemployment rate of 5/7% was "only the tip of the iceberg".

"Too many young people and people aged over 45 years have been unemployed for too long and we need to find ways and means of getting these people into real jobs if we are going to have any success in helping them break out of the poverty in which they now live."

Fr Caddy described the group that gathered in Canberra last eek as the "main players" in the Catholic social welfare policy and research field. He said Catholic Health is doping to "reinforce and strengthen the research and policy links that currently exist throughout the sector".

Catholic Welfare Australia busy setting policy objectives (Catholic Welfare Australia 16/2/04)

Catholic Welfare Australia

17 Feb 2004