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Refresher course to promote informed discussion on The Passion

Priests in South Australia will undertake a refresher course on the gospels to deal with possible parishioner concerns over Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ.

Adelaide's theological college is holding a seminar on the eve of the Adelaide premiere on 25 February.

The film, which focuses on the final days before Jesus's crucifixion, has angered religious academics and believers who claim it blames Jews for his death.

"It may prepare us for the prospect of questions from parishioners but it is a chance to study the importance and meaning of these stories," said college lecturer and spokesperson Fr Michael Trainor (pictured).

He expected the film to present an amalgamation of the gospels' stories.

"A person like Mel Gibson has not studied the gospels and so it is just presenting his understanding as a religious person," he said. "Any person open to the truth would be concerned if it was to provoke ill-feeling and anti-racial sentiment."

Archbishop Philip Wilson declined to comment on the film - but plans to see it.

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16 Feb 2004