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Boston Archbishop warns kids against MTV

Archbishop Sean O'Malley has called on young people to resist the "brainwashing" influence of television, which he called a "glass idol" with too prominent a role in society.

"We are becoming more and more alone," he told an assembly of teenagers in a school in his Archdiocese. "The great spiritual sicknesses of our age and our culture come in great part from the extreme individualism and materialism of our age. Television is the pulpit of those influences."

He singled out for particular criticism the music television genre represented by the iconic MTV channel.

"MTV packages it in a very attractive way for our young people," he told the boisterous crowd. "But it's poisonous . . . be aware that there are people out there who want to brainwash you. Don't let yourself be brainwashed."

Archbishop O'Malley appeared more relaxed than he does in some public settings, even when the group of teens high up in the bleachers began chanting his name and clapping in unison as if cheering on a basketball player. One church group's members wore red jerseys emblazoned with "O'Malley 04."

Archbishop warns kids of TV evil (Boston Herald 8/2/04)

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Archdiocese of Boston

10 Feb 2004