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Nuns blow whistle on organ traffickers

Five missionary nuns in Mozambique say they've been threatened with death since telling authorities about an organ-trafficking scheme that allegedly kidnaps and kills children and youths.

The nuns have reportedly escaped four ambush attacks after revealing information about "kidnappings and multiple killings of persons, many times children, victims of an organ trafficking network".

The Rome-based Zenit news agency, which got the story from a Spanish Catholic agency, says the story was corroborated by a missionary who asked to be identified only as "D.J."

The women - four from Spain and one from Brazil - have been missionaries in the southeastern African nation for 30 years.

According to the report, the women were able to collect the information because their convent is located between the property where the victims allegedly were taken and the airport where the organs were flown out at night.

The report said the victims are taken to the property of a "white couple", where their organs are removed. Since October 2002, dozens of area children and youth, especially street children, have disappeared mysteriously, Zenit reported.

The nuns said they have testimonies from people who escaped from the traffickers' property. One of them, a minor, fled and sought refuge in the convent. He then recounted what he had seen and what he was told would be done to him as well as to other children locked in a house on the property, reported the news service.

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5 Feb 2004