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Pell defends violence of The Passion

Sydney's Cardinal George Pell has said that Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is "very confronting, very violent", but that the violence, and Jesus' reaction to it, is the very point of the film and the Passion narratives themselves.

The Passion of the Christ was released in Australia and internationally yesterday, Ash Wednesday. The film, based on Gospel narratives, is Gibson's interpretation of the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) took the unusual of step of issuing a statement reminding parents the film was classified MA15+ and had an extra warning about its graphic violence. Material classified MA15+ is only considered suitable for people over 15 and anyone under that age must be accompanied by an adult.

Cardinal Pell said on ABC TV's 7:30 Report: "I think the point of the film, the point of the Passion narratives, is precisely Jesus's reactions to the violence, how he takes it, what message he gives out despite the suffering that he has received."

He said he is grateful that Mel Gibson has put the Bible back in the headlines.

"I'm delighted that this film is producing such a discussion of Christ, what is his true message, and what is the significance of his life and death."

Rabbi Raymond Apple of the Great Synagogue in Sydney argued on the 7:30 Report that the violence "in some ways obscured the message", while commentator Stephen Crittenden described it as "Mad Max for Christians".

"This is Mel Gibson catering to the kind of -- his sense of the ruling aesthetic at the moment, which is violent," he said. "And I think by overemphasising the violence to the degree that he has, he's lost the spirituality in the story, he's lot the great sort of human dramatic moments."

Benedictine Dom Henry Wansbrough, member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission and translator and editor of the New Jerusalem Bible told ABC Radio's Religion Report that the film, like the Gospels themselves, contains little historical truth.

Fr Brendan Byrne SJ, a former member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, told The Age that the film, like the Gospels, does not purport to be a historical reconstruction.

"It was more like a meditation or opera, and that is going in the right direction because it is more faithful to the Gospels."

He said he was grasped by the film's opening scene and remained grasped. The treatment of Pontius Pilate and his wife was moving, though the historical Pilate was a cruel and bloodthirsty Roman governor.

"The main point, paradoxically, is that it's not the film that's the biggest problem for Christian interpreters, it's the Gospels. If this film can make Christians realise how carefully they have to interpret the gospel it will do a service."

Fr Byrne said he kept seeing images of the way Jews were treated in the Holocaust. "Jesus' humiliation is the humiliation of a Jew," he said.

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26 Feb 2004