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Uganda massacre death toll passes 250

Comboni missionary Fr Sebhat Ayele has said that toll of the weekend's Lord's Resistance Army massacre has risen from 220 to 257.

He told the Rome-based MISNA news agency that a UN team is investigating whether there is sufficient security for humanitarian workers to enter the region.

"I counted 121 bodies and the other 52 had already been buried in a mass grave by that time," Fr Sebat Ayala said in an earlier report published in The Age on Monday. "According to the local militia, the rebels started the attack from a distance using artillery fire."

The Eritrean-born priest said the 36 militia guarding the camp of 4800 inhabitants were no match for the 100 or so heavily armed rebels.

There are more than one million displaced in northern Uganda, with people forced to abandon their villages and seek refuge in the so-called 'protected camps' (pictured), where the military claim to guarantee security.

MISNA says the often fail and the rebels are free to strike out at the civilians, as occurred at the weekend.

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25 Feb 2004