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Labor rejects PM's resolve to back Catholics on male teachers

Labor community relations spokesman Lindsay Tanner has declared that an ALP Government would not change sex discrimination laws to allow schools to recruit more male teachers.

Prime Minister John Howard has signalled he will act immediately to introduce reforms to the Sex Discrimination Act if an April Catholic Church court appeal fails to overturn a legal ban on a recruitment campaign targeting male teachers.

Catholic schools want to advertise male-only jobs to address a gender imbalance that results in many boys having no male teachers during their primary education.

A spokesman for Education Minister Brendan Nelson said the Government would wait until the outcome of the case in April before announcing any action.

The dominance of female teachers is adding to a shortage of male role models that is proving to be a major source of disadvantage for boys.

Opposition Leader Mark Latham highlighted the problem last week, but Mr Tanner said allowing a discriminatory recruitment campaign would be "a very simplistic response to a very complex problem"

"The issues are broader than that," he told Channel 7. "There is an issue in primary schools, but somehow mandating that you have specific positions for male teachers - I don't think is the answer."

"Many of the mechanisms which our society traditionally has had for helping young people make the transition to adulthood have either broken down or have been eroded substantially.

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23 Feb 2004