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Bishops receive draft of fine-tuned English in Mass prayers

Bishops in English-speaking countries have been sent copies of a draft of a new translation of the main prayers used at Mass.

Copies were sent out last Thursday to every Latin-rite bishop in the US, with other English-speaking bishops' conferences expected to distribute the text about the same time.

The draft has been approved by the bishops who govern the International Commission on English in the Liturgy. Based on comments from English-speaking bishops, officials hope to put the text in final form during the ICEL meeting in July. Individual conferences will need to approve the text and petition Rome for permission to put it into use.

According to John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter's Rome bureau, the document runs 69 pages of single-spaced type. He says it contains a combination of principles for translation and specific applications. He says the principles include the increased fidelity to the original Latin urged by the recent statement Liturgiam Authenticam. He says they also discourage the use of inclusive (or gender-specific) language.

An example of the more prescriptive part of the document is its suggestion regarding the words spoken by the priest over the chalice, the Latin phrase pro multis, which is to be rendered as "for all".

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19 Feb 2004