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Theologian calls for "humanization of death"

Zenit is carrying a significant news report today on a call from a Rome-based theologian and expert in geriatric care calling for new approaches on how the Church deals with death.

Professor Massimo Petrini says "Death and pain are certainly not the only things that exist. But among the many pastoral motivations, these topics must be given greater attention. Priests and religious also need to start addressing them in the seminary".

Massimo Petrini, is a professor at the Camillianum International Institute of Pastoral and Health Care Theology and Director of the Center for the Promotion and Development of Geriatric Care at Rome's University of the Sacred Heart. He was speaking last Wednesday on the release of a new book he has written: "Care at the End of Life" ("La Cura a la Fine della Vita").

Zenit news agency carries an English translation of the interview he gave to the newspaper Avvenire. In the book the theologian addresses the need to make death a way of humanization and a proclamation of hope.

Zenit – Humanization of Death: A Challenge for Christian Formation

19 Jan 2004