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Catholics harassed also because of French law – Cardinal Lustiger

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris, says bishops around France have reported dozens of cases in which Roman Catholic girls had been harassed for wearing a cross, or nuns criticised for appearing in public in their habits. There were widespread protests around the world on the weekend at the proposed French laws banning religious symbols in State schools.

There were widespread protests in major capital cities of the world by muslim women and supporters against the proposed French laws. The Sydney Morning Herald has a story this morning on the protest march in Sydney:

Hundreds of women joined a protest in Sydney yesterday against a looming ban on Islamic headscarves in France.

Sixty rows of people marched from Hyde Park to the French consulate after thousands demonstrated in France, Britain and the Middle East on Saturday.

Most French politicians favour a ban on veils, Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses in state schools as a way to defend its separation of church and state. There are plans to debate the law in parliament soon and impose it from September.

Chanting "the veil is my choice", up to 5000 marched in Paris amid French and Islamic flags and banners, a scene repeated in central Sydney.

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19 Jan 2004