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Cardinal: use of condoms can limit AIDS

In a radio broadcast on Sunday, Cardinal Godfried Danneels of Belgium, told the Kruispunt programme of Dutch Catholic broadcaster RKK that someone who was HIV positive might need to use a condom to protect life.

It is difficult to work out on the information available so far if Cardinal Daneels is merely voicing his personal opinion or if the Vatican might be using this outspoken Cardinal to soften the effects of the comments by Cardinal Lopez-Trujillo broadcast on the BBC Panorama program, "Sex and the Holy City", in October last year on this issue. The Cardinal has previously challenged the views expressed by Cardinal Lopez-Trujillo on the BBC program (see CathNews story on 16 October 2003. php. On the surface though, the Cardinal's remarks cut across the position taken by the Vatican on this issue to date. The Reuter's story (see link below) provides the text of what is available at the moment in English. We also provide a link to the Dutch language report of the broadcast on the RKK website.

Archbishop Sean O'Malley
In other news this morning on "sixth commandment issues" there has been passionate reaction from both sides in the letters' pages of the major newspapers that carried the story yesterday of Monica Hingston's open letter to Cardinal Pell. The Fairfax newspapers are also carrying a report in their news pages where the Gay rights lobby group, the Rainbow Sash Movement, draws attention to the increasing call for the Church to modify its language towards people with a homosexual orientation.

Meanwhile, in Boston the new Archbishop, Sean O'Malley, has made a public statement urging Catholic lawyers to oppose moves that lead to legal recognition of gay relationships as "marriage". He said: "The social cost of the breakdown of family life has already been enormous. This point in history requires the diligent commitment of lawyers on behalf of marriage."

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13 Jan 2004