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Forthcoming film on the Pope draws ire of his biographer

The writer of the original biography on which a new telemovie of the life of the Pope is based has sharply criticised the producers saying the film "invents too much and doesn't present the man as he really was."

CNS reports:

The Vatican usually braces itself when the latest Hollywood version of the life and times of notable religious figures gets ready to hit the screen. But a fresh maelstrom may be building over an upcoming made-for-TV movie about the life of Pope John Paul II.

This coming October, the film biopic "Karol" is scheduled to debut on Silvio Berlusconi's Channel 5 -- one of the Italian prime minister's three channels in his Mediaset empire. The TV "fiction" was meant to be based on the Vatican-approved book, "Stories of Karol: The Unknown Life of John Paul II" written by Gian Franco Svidercoschi.

But Svidercoschi -- after reading the film's first treatment -- has denounced the direction the screenplay has taken, saying "it invents too much and doesn't present the man as he really was."

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12 Jan 2004