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Catholic teachers' pay rise welcomed

About 12,800 teachers and principals in the NSW Catholic education system will receive an interim 5.5% increase in pay in a decision by the state Industrial Relations Commission.

The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations has welcomed the increase, which is the same as that awarded recently to teachers at government schools in NSW.

The Catholic Commission told the Industrial Relations Commission that the pay rise would have to be paid for by an increase in school fees, saving of income from other areas and/or re-allocation of existing funding.

It will be helped as well by increased funding from the state and federal governments.

The NSW Independent Education Union had asked for an interim increase of 10 per cent on its claim for a total increase of 25 per cent over two years, but the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations, while agreeing that an increase was warranted, did not nominate a figure.

The increase covers teachers working in systemic Catholic schools in 11 dioceses in NSW and about 30 Catholic schools operated independently by religious orders.

A final decision on the wage claim will be made by the Industrial Relations Commission in the first half of this year. Michael McDonald, executive director of the Commission for Employment Relations, said the interim pay rise decision was "welcome".

"We were supportive of an increase in our submission," he said. "We believe teachers are entitled to a wage rise. They deserve fair and proper treatment."

"We believe the teaching profession needs to be properly remunerated so as to attract and retain teachers and help the Church live out its mission."

SOURCE: Catholic Weekly
Catholic Weekly – Catholic teachers' pay rise welcomed

8 Jan 2004