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Quest for Patron Saint of the Internet continues

St Isidore is still the front ranked favourite according to this holiday story in the Toronto Star but other runners include James Alberione, St Clare of Assisi, and the Archangel Gabriel. The Jesuit favourite, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin didn't even get a mention in this article and some experts in the industry attribute the very concept of the internet to his seminal ideas.

"The important thing is not who is chosen, and certainly not to have a patron-saint horse race," said Monsignor James Moroney, an expert on worship for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "What is important is that people use the example of holy men and women, and ask for their intercession in their lives.''

From the perspective of Moroney, the expert on worship, the more and livelier the devotions, the better.

"To be honest with you, I pray to a whole variety of saints," Moroney said. "The one thing that's clear to me when I'm using the Internet, which has enormous potential as well as enormous risks, is that it needs patron saints and maybe more than one.

"So in that sense, one could say, let 1,000 patrons bloom."


Toronto Star - Search on for patron saint of Internet

7 Jan 2004