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Cardinal Law's testimony heads to stage

A new play, "Sin: A Cardinal Deposed", based on the court depositions of Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston is set to open on March 1.

The story is carried by Associated Press writer, Martin Finucane, in the Herald-Tribune. He writes: "It was dramatic enough when it happened: a prince of the church coming face to face with the secular justice system, questioned by lawyers in a scandal over child sex abuse by priests."

"The deposition testimony by Law brought an exalted leader of the church into a rare high-stakes confrontation with lawyers determined to get justice for their clients."

"The main characters in Murphy's play are Law and an attorney for the plaintiffs, who is an amalgam of two of the most prominent plaintiffs' attorneys in the clergy abuse cases: Roderick MacLeish Jr. and Mitchell Garabedian."


Herald-Tribune – Law's testimony in clergy abuse cases heading to the stage

6 Jan 2004